There are a hundred cars discarded each day. Those are neither properly disposed nor utilized for their real worth.  It is not just that, we pay you the cash right on the spot. Our long list of services is accessible all across Perth. The sell my car services at WA wreckers are remarkably flawless.

The minute you say to yourself that there is a need to sell my car, you will find countless options. All from various junk car removal businesses in the city. The only thing you need to do is take your time to find the best sell my car deals there are. For every car that sits idly in your garage, we at WA wreckers, offer to pay incredible cash deals.

There is absolutely no need for you to wait weeks or even days for that matter. Our team hands you the cash for your car right when they come for the removal.

An automobile, no matter what condition it is in, has more value than you probably know. Only a professional, with years of experience, can let you know about its actual worth.


WA wreckers happens to have built a team of professional valuation experts and wrecker specialists. They thoroughly examine your old, used, scrap or junk car for its actual worth. And give the best possible to sell my car offer on it. Not only that, but they also guide you as to whether or not your car is in a condition to be reused. Or has any parts that we can use to refurbish other vehicles.

After learning all about your car, you get to decide what our next step should be. You can either have us resell it if it is that good. Or you can have our car dismantlers, disassemble all of its useful parts so those can be used in other cars. Or there is always an option for you to have your car recycled. We only do this after completely making sure that it can’t serve any other purpose.

Even if you are very sure that your car is completely dead and has no spare parts left. You can always sell your car for wrecking and recycling. An automobile, even one that has gone fully immobile, has heaps of metal. This especially pays well, since we recycle most of it to use in further production.

Since you spend a lot of money on the purchase of an automobile, it is your right to make the most of it while you can. And apparently, you can make quite a lot out of it even when it is in its worst shape. It is very important for you to find the best scrap car buyer with the finest services.


You would not even have to spend so much of time if you know exactly what you’re looking for. First of all, your research online to find the best cash for car deals. And do not forget to check for their credentials in addition to their testimonials. Good companies always have loyal clients whose opinion may help you make a better decision. There are also lots of benefits that the trusted car wreckers have to offer. You can easily find them if you know all about their services.

Since you have landed here, half of your work is already taken care of. Have a look at more of the services that we offer at WA wreckers Car Wreckers other than the sell my car deals.

  • FREE NO-OBLIGATION EVALUATION OF YOUR CAR; you can have any of your car evaluated free of cost. We have no extra charges to assess your car. And we, by no means, bound you to sell your car. Although it would be the smarter choice but the decision will be entirely yours.
  • FREE TOWING AND REMOVAL FROM ANYWHERE IN PERTH; we have a wide network of salvage yards spread across each of the suburbs. This enables us to access every near and far locality without any hassle. There are absolute zero charges for towing and car removal as well.
  • INSTANT CASH PAYMENT FOR ALL YOUR UNWANTED CARS; WA wreckers never makes you wait even a single day to pay you the cash they owe you! We pay you instantly when we arrive at your doorstep to remove your car. You can always have your money transferred to your account as well. We make sure that it reaches your account before your card reaches our yard.
  • CASH FOR Utes, 4WDs, VANS; we don’t just buy cars. We buy vehicles of all sorts. You can sell your cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, 4x4s, Utes, jeeps, 4WDs and even your heavy-duty commercial vehicles.
  • SAME DAY REMOVAL; we are known to excel in fastest services. Any car that you need to sell instantly, we bring to our yard on the same day. So if you want to sell your car fast, WA wreckers is your one-stop.


Now you do the second half of your job in landing the best possible deal for your car when you do the following.

  1. Sign up for a quick estimation online and leave all the required details in a simple form on our website.
  2. Or call our friendly customer support to note it down for you. We require the basic details like the make and model of your car, its age and mileage, and its overall condition
  3. Let us know if you agree on the offer we make.
  4. Let us know your exact location. And if we need to make any special arrangements.
  5. Schedule the date and time for us to come and tow your car.
  6. Make sure to have all your personal items removed from your car before the towing.
  7. Finally, receive the cash right on the spot.

We offer an absolutely hassle-free dealership. You can easily sell your Toyota, Honda, Nissan, KIA, BMW, Audi, Hyundai, Holden, Ford, Suzuki or Mazda for rather remarkable cash. Guide of selling a vehicle from WA Government.